Wednesday Wink – Curious About Lash Lifts? Here’s What You Need to Know About Eyelash Perming…

Wednesday Wink - Lash Perming

Are you looking for a service you can offer your clients that is easy and affordable, and gives them the appearance of longer, curlier lashes? Lash lifts might just be the perfect boost to add to your service menu!

This service is well suited for just about anyone. Whether you naturally have short or long eyelashes, a lash lift simply creates a longer, and fuller lash look! Getting a lash lift should be painless, and some clients even find it to be relaxing.


Glad Lash’s eyelash perming kit will pump up your client’s mascara look, and hold their curl for up to 4-6 weeks!

The Process

Under-eye pads are applied, and a separate silicone pad is placed on the upper lid. Then, a lifting solution is applied to the upper lid pad, and also to the upper lid lashes. The lashes are combed straight upward – around the rolled part of the upper pad.

A small tool, that looks like a toothpick, is used to separate the lashes and keep them straight. This is the longest part of the service. Getting the lashes to stand straight and cleanly separated is the most important step. Once the lashes are in the perfect form, a perming solution is added for nine minutes longer – depending on the thickness of the lashes.

Glad Lash - Award Winning Lashes

The solution is then removed, and a neutralizer is applied to stop the perming process, as well as condition the lashes. The neutralizer is left on for about another nine minutes.

The neutralizer is removed, and a damp, soft cotton pad is used to gently rub the lashes and disengage them from the upper silicone pad. Gently clean away any product left behind – in an upward motion, careful not to disturb the newly permed lashes.

Update! For more information on the LashLift perming process, check out this video tutorial on Youtube.

This is a very soft and natural look. It really opens the eye. As with any product, consult the manufacturer’s directions. Please share with us any tips or experience you have with the lash lift!

Maryann Matykowski

Maryann has an accomplished, 30+ year background in the beauty industry. As a cosmetologist she opened her first salon in ’83. Maryann has specialized as an educator since 2006, and is now Master Trainer/Training and Education Coordinator here at Glad Lash Academy. Maryann knows what it takes to create successful salon businesses and is here to share her experience with you.

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday Wink – Curious About Lash Lifts? Here’s What You Need to Know About Eyelash Perming…”

  1. Sandra says:

    If I get the lash perm kit will it come w a DVD or full instructions

    1. GladLash says:

      Hi Sandra, the Lash Lift does not come with a DVD but instructions are included. Hope this information helps!

  2. lacey mclear says:

    How much is the kit

    1. GladLash says:

      The Lash Lift costs $44.99

  3. meena says:

    Any advice on using the black coating? I applied it on my client and then let it dry then brushed on the keratin treatment but the coating came right off?
    is the coating similar to a lash dip or semi permanent mascara?

    1. GladLash says:

      Hi Meena,

      Unfortunately, I am not knowledgeable in the combination of theses products. I would try contacting the manufacturer for more specific directions. Good Luck.


  4. Glad Lash says:

    We’ve just uploaded a new video containing application instructions for the LashLift. Check it out on Youtube now https://youtu.be/Q6CbxwemQKw


    Glad Lash Team

  5. Yesenia says:

    How much should I charge for a lash lift?

    1. Maryann Matykowski says:

      Hi Yesenia,

      Great question. I have seen prices from $60-85 for a lash Lift and tint. The area you are working in will have some bearing on your prices. Higher income areas will reflect higher prices. Do some investigating on social media and see what others in your area are charging to get a feel for what makes sense for your business.

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