Wednesday Wink – Color Me Beautiful, Lashes

Wednesday Wink - Colored Lashes

Are you ready to flutter your lash extensions with pops of color?

We have seen many trends with lashes – and colored lashes just seem to fit right in.  With fall trends being very colorful, why not keep up with the trends and glam it up with a bold look?

This fall we are seeing very bold colors, animal prints, and quite a bit of plaid. This is where we can get a bit creative with our look. Lash extensions are now an accessory to our wardrobe, so let’s get in on it.

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Color Your Lashes This Fall

We have seen mermaid lashes, which is a look created by using very bold colors of blue, greens, pinks, and turquoise. This is a fun look and may be too much for day-to-day wear, but can be an eye-catcher for a special occasion or just for the drama. This look is truly an attention-getter.

Glad Lash also offers vibrant, single strand lashes that are perfect for that WOW look.  Glad Lash’s subtle pastels like the Sky Blue Lashes can be added to your makeup look for a soft touch.


Sprinkle in these Sky Blue Lashes this fall.

For those of us who are a bit more moderate, you too can add a bit of drama with a pretty purple or lavender lash. Glad Lash offers a variety of color pallets for you to get creative with.  These colored lashes can be added to a traditional set done with black lashes. You can add these at the outer corners to just give a hint of softness and a touch of drama for a completely custom look created just for you, or you can go all out and do the complete eye with Glad Girl’s Rainbow Lashes. The choice is yours.


How about a set of rainbow-colored lashes to become the showstopper you are!

Get Festive With Your Lashes

Holidays are also a great time to introduce lashes of various colors. I will often get out my red lashes, green lashes, and let’s not forget the silver and gold. I have colored lashes with glitter on them for a sparkly touch on a very subtle classic set of lashes. 

You can customize any set of lashes, any way you want. You can go bold by using a neon green or a hot pink or go very subtle with a soft baby blue or a light pastel.

Get creative and let’s see your work!

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