Wednesday Wink – 4 Quick Eyebrow Grooming Tips For Men

Eyebrow grooming tips for men

You receive a phone call for an appointment, and it’s a man’s voice on the other end- “I’d like to make an appointment for my eyebrows.” Your first thought can be, “I’ve never done a guy’s eyebrows before.”

Because men need grooming too, here are 4 quick tips to help both you and him…

1. Be Conservative

Remember that when doing brows for men, less is more. Be sure to stay on the conservative side when you groom them. Try not to add too much of an arch unless, they specifically ask for it.

2. Removing Hair From the Bottom

Put the most focus on removing the stray hairs that fall outside of the main shape of the eyebrow. Remove hairs going in a straight across direction. This helps keeps a masculine looking brow.

3. Trimming

In some cases, trimming the eyebrow will be all that’s needed. Trimming grooms the brow and removes bulkiness. If the brow is too bulky, brush the hairs in a downward direction and trim them. But, only trim the ends. Trimming too much into the brow will leave holes.

4. Removing Hair From the Top

Before you start removing hair from the top, it’s best to trim long hair first. Again, remember to stay conservative. Do not forget to remove any hair in between the eyebrows. Not every man can rock a uni-brow and get away with it.


Phaedra Williams

Phaedra Williams is professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician. For over 20 years, she has worked as a beauty and eyebrow expert, from owning her own brow studio to creating her own line of cosmetics. She owns and operates her Los angeles-based eyebrow and makeup studio, Phaedra Brow & Beauty. Phaedra has also worked for Anastasia Beverly Hills, as a trainer and cosmetics coordinator and guest posts here on the Glad Lash Blog.

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