Wednesday Wink – 3 Energizing Tips to Keep You Lashing all Holidays

3 Tips for More Lashing Energy

Holidays are on the horizon, are you taking good care?

Over my years of lashing, I have had my fair share of days when my focus is off, or my hands are a bit trembling. Here are some go to’s that have worked for me to raise energy levels, increase precision and fight fatigue. However, I am not a doctor, so before implementing any lifestyle changes, always check with a medical professional to see if they are right for you!

1. B-12 Supplement

Studies show that B-12 may give you an energy boost as well as combat fatigue and depression. B-12 is available in capsules, patches and injectables. In my experience, it seems a regular dose of B-12 gives me incredible results, even from one dose. It’s also found in many healthy whole foods.

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2. Walk It Out

Feeling body fatigue or general brattiness from stressful people? πŸ˜‰ Then walk it out. Take 5-10 minutes, or even two (if it’s all you can get) and walk in a big circle around your salon, or around the block, phone free if possible. Walking a way loosens up your knees and hips and clears the mind quite quickly. Maybe even take some deep breaths, notice the beauty outside, or find some flowers to smell. Walking is an incredibly simple, yet highly effective practice to reset the body & mind.

2. Replace Coffee

Replace your morning coffee with celery juice or another caffeine free alternative: matcha tea is a delicious way to go. A couple years ago I made a big shift of starting my day with celery juice instead of coffee. This has become a fad more recently when Kim Kardashian revealed how much she loves this celery juice morning ritual for skin health & energy. Also shouting from the rooftops how much this ritual has changed her life is supermodel Miranda Kerr, who states she now travels with her juicer so she can have morning celery juice everywhere she goes! Like Miranda, I have found a huge shift in my energy, focus and moral. Maybe it IS the simple things in life?

Wishing you the very best start to last quarter of this year! Let me know in the comments below, what are your tips for combating fatigue?


Sarah Moore

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