Wednesday Wink – 2 More New Products to Add to Your Wish List This Holiday Season!

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Glad Lash continues to up the new product game in November! I am circling around with two more raving product reviews! For this week’s Wink, we are super-sizing vision access and increasing your eyelash longevity! Check out our reviews below!

1. Eyelash Extension Mirror Review




eyelash extension mirror

The perfect inspection tool has arrived!

Measuring a whopping 1.5″W x 2.25″L in diameter, this Eyelash Extension Mirror by Glad Lash is next level. Bigger than ever, yet hollow, this mirror is a great tool for artists to keep their feather-like hand balance. Even more benefits of using a mirror during application include:

  • Quick and easy access to check that lashes are in order – get as close as possible, from every perspective.
  • The perfect balance, every time. See under the lash to identify any lash gaps.
  • Full and complete safety. See under lash line to check any lashes that may have gotten anchored to the bottom. All while ensuring patches and tape pallet stay aligned. Who could ask for more?

Glad Lash - Award Winning Lashes

2. Protein Pads Review

Want to extend the life of your eyelash extension applications? WOA formulated with an amino acid complex, the new Glad Lash Eye Make-Up Cleansing & Protein Removing Pads remove natural oils, as well as oils caused by excess makeup, sunscreen, etc. These oils are huge variables if present during application, so we’ve got you covered with the perfect pre-adhesive solution. The protein pads make it easy to remove just about anything – just gently apply one pad per closed eye prior to lash application.

The pads are also a game changer for eyelash after care – get better retention due to the perfect balance between cleansing and protecting. While the amino acid works to clean, vitamin E and aloe extract work to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

Let me know what you think of these products in the comments below.

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