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New lash products at Glad Lash

Northridge, Calif., Jan. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Glad Lash Inc. an international manufacturer and distributer of professional eyelash and eyebrow extensions is now offering several new products that allow lash and brow artists, estheticians and cosmetologists to show their love and appreciation for their clients this Valentine’s Day and beyond!  Professionals can lavish their customers with the cute and stylish I Love GladGirl necklaces and keychains as well as offer a new sleep mask that will protect newly applied eye lash extensions.

Lash Nebulizer The Glad Lash compact and portable nebulizer is ideal for quickly curing eyelash extension adhesive. Nanoscale hydrating helps to avoid blooming caused by over saturation of the adhesive. Added benefits include cooling and relief from eye irritation that may be caused by fumes released from the adhesive during the curing process. $19.99.

GladGirl® Professional Eyelash Artist, Spa and Salon Lab Coat Great style along with the GladGirl® embroidered logo offer a feminine yet practical design that gives this lab coat a flattering look for any lash artist, esthetician or cosmetologist. This style looks sleek and professional while helping to inhibit odor-causing bacteria. The 32-inch long lab coats are EDS Signature by Dickies with CERTAINTY® Antimicrobial Fabric Technology. $44.99.

3D Contoured Satin Eyelash Extension Sleep Mask Protect your eyelash extensions while sleeping with these specially designed soft, breathable, light 3D sleep masks with complete light blocking technology. The masks are super smooth, and come in a light weight material with a deep contoured mold and are ideal for sleep in a bed, long-haul flights, hotel stays, car rides, or to just get away from it all during mediation. Equipped with an elastic Velcro band to ensure the perfect fit, the satin masks are great gifts for clients or as a super cute party favor for bridal or bachelorette parties. $7.99.

I Love GladGirl® Necklace Who doesn’t Love a GladGirl? These cute and stylish exclusive GladGirl® charm necklaces make for awesome client gifts, but are limited in supply. These necklaces are complete with a beautiful 3mm, 20-inch stainless steel chain with lobster clasp. $7.99.

I Love GladGirl® Key Chain Place the key to your lash loving heart on the new, I Love GladGirl® key-chain. Professionals can display the keychains in their retail locations or use as sweet gifts for fellow lash lovers and customers. $3.99.

Sticky Dot Bounce Palette for Volume Fans by Hand Sticky Dot Bounce Palettes will help professionals create the perfect volume fans while handling lashes without touching them. It is a simple process that not only increases speed but includes selecting several volume lashes to be fanned and placing them on the outermost edge of the sticky dot. With even pressure at the base, gently pick up the fan with tweezers designed for volume lashing and then apply – with love of course! $4.99.

About Glad Lash, Inc.

Founded in 1981, Glad Lash Inc. is an international manufacturer and distributer of professional eyelash and eyebrow extensions, application tools, after-care and makeup products. Glad Lash also specializes in the art of eyelash and brow extension application and training.

Glad Lash offers a comprehensive product range including, but not limited to, eyelash and brow extensions, extension kits, application and maintenance tools as well as make-up, marketing materials, apparel and gift items.

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