Professional Lash & Brow Artists’ Industry Survey 2021-2022 – We are Listening

Professional Lash and Brow Artist' Industry Survey

In 2016, we conducted the first ever international survey of lash and brow artists to better understand our place in the beauty industry. Five years on, today we launch the Professional Lash and Brow Artists’ Industry Survey 2021-2022, a GladGirl initiative supported by our sponsor Glamcor. We know the past year has been tough on […]

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Wednesday Wink – Lash Pads 101: All the Tips and Tricks of Under Eye Lash Pads

Janelle Greenstreet wearing under eye pads

Happy Wednesday, Lash Lovers! Today we’ll be diving into all the ins and outs of eyelash under eye pads, and the tricks you can try to help troubleshoot any problems you may be running into. Choosing the Proper eye pad and correct placement  is arguably one of the most important steps in your lash set, […]

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Wednesday Wink – How to Choose the Best Forehead, Bed or Hand Palette for Eyelash Extensions

Wednesday Wink - Lash Palette Options Explained

Welcome back to Wednesday Wink, Lash Lovers! Today I am going to take you down the long and winding road of lash palettes! There’s no need to stress about the endless options and which one you should spend your hard earned lash cash on; I’m here to take the guesswork out of finding the best […]

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Wednesday Wink – Ring, Cup, Stone OH MY! – How to Choose the Best Fit for You

Glue Ring With Volume Fan in Glue

Wednesday Wink is back, Lash Lovers! And, I’m so excited to be a part of it as your new GladGirl Product Expert! My name is Janelle and I’m here to bring you the tips and tricks I’ve learned over my years as a licensed cosmetologist and lash artist. While lashing, I’ve found an incredible passion […]

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Think Faux Mink: Choose Synthetic Mink Lashes by GladGirl

Faux Mink Lashes

In recent years, manmade poly-fiber, faux mink lashes (aka “synthetic mink”, or more commonly today, just “mink”) have become a welcome addition in eyelash artistry. Designed to mimic the look and feel of real mink fur, the move to faux mink, marks an important evolution in the ongoing pursuit of a more humane and sustainable industry. […]

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Make It Up Monday – Update Your Smokey Eye Look in 4 Easy Steps

2021 Updated Smokey Eye Makeup Look

A great way to update your look is to change up the way you do your eyeshadow. I have been using this technique for a modern smokey eye on myself and clients with beautiful results. It really opens up the eyes making them look larger and more awake. It is also more versatile and customizable […]

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Turn Your 2021 Visions Into Reality with GladGirl

Training at GladGirl

Hello, Lash Lovers! We are well into the New Year now, and with it a fresh round of hopes, wishes and intentions. I’m sure many of you have made a resolution or two, or at least wrote a To-Do list. 2021 is the perfect year to truly focus and transform your vision of hopes and […]

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Make It Up Monday – How to use the GladGirl Brow Lamination Kit

DIY Brow Lamination Process

Have you heard the saying “Eyes are the window to the soul”? I love that saying, it’s true and I think we should extend it to include brows too! What do you think?!? A good, full, fluffy brow frames the face and can make your makeup look stand out so much more. In that spirit, […]

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A Bold New World for Eyes in 2021

Focus on eyes and lashes

As we welcome in the New Year year and during this unprecedented moment, our thoughts land firmly on the eyes. At a time when we’re sporting masks throughout the day to day, it’s no longer the smile that welcomes friends and clients or makes that first impression, that job now belongs to the eyes. Never […]

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Make It Up Monday – Add a Pop of Glitter to Your 2021 Makeup Looks

Glitter Lashes

I love that the trends change with the seasons and now the New Year is here, that means exciting new ideas to try. While I love a dramatic matte eye, I can’t wait to use my glitters! In 2020, the “no makeup” makeup trends have thrived and now I’ll show you how a pop of […]

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