Make It Up Monday – Get the Most Out of Your Mascara

Make It up Monday - Mascara

This week, I’m sharing a couple of “Pro-Tips” to help you make the most out of your mascara and lash looks. As I was applying the mascara on to my subject, I used a disposable mascara wand. If you are applying to yourself, you may use the wand straight out of the tube. Here are the products I recommend:

Pink Spoolies


The Glad Lash Pink Spoolies are the perfect disposable wands for the professional eyelash technician.

Glad Lash’s “Lashe EnMasse Mascara”


Glad Lash’s “Lashe EnMasse Mascara” in black – for use with or without lash extensions.


The Process

To begin, I always like to apply mascara to nicely curled lashes – so break out those curlers and give a little curl love. Next, take the mascara wand out of the tube, and if there is any excess product on the brush, or if it seems a bit goopy, gently blot into a tissue or on the back of your hand to avoid clumping on the lashes.

After you have removed any excess product, take the mascara wand and place at the base of your lash line. Then, move the wand in a back and forth motion (‘wiggling’ it, if you will) to the tips of the lashes, and repeat all along your lash line. After you have ‘wiggled’ with the best of them, you can use the tip of the mascara wand to go back in and separate any lashes that may have stuck together.

To customize your lash look, I am a big fan of applying at least two layers of mascara for intensity. If you do this, apply the second layer right after the first so that again you can achieve clump-free eye drama! Use this same technique for the bottom lashes as well.

Pro Tip


Make a conscious effort to get a new mascara every four weeks. We don’t want bacteria in our mascara – or for it to get dried out.

Your turn, have a go and… Lash Out Loud! 

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Heather Coopersmith

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