Make It Up Monday – Cross Cultural Bridal Beauty: Henna Tattoo

Cross-Cultural Bridal Beauty Henna Tattoos

I’m going to focus my next few blog posts on bridal beauty trends in other cultures. The first one I would like to highlight is the Henna Tattoo.

The History of Henna

Let’s first speak to its history. The name Henna refers to a dye prepared from a plant of the Lawsonia genus found in northern Africa/Asia/Australia. It has been used throughout history for dyeing skin, hair, fingernails and fabrics. Dried Henna leaves are mashed into a paste using water/lemon juice or tea depending on the tradition so when applied to skin…it stains it, so to speak.

Many cultures celebrated marriages or weddings by adorning the bride and groom with Henna. Also, many cultures celebrated battle victories with Henna…basically, when there was happiness…there was Henna to represent it. It was thought to bring luck, to show beauty and happiness. You can see Henna’s presence in India, Singapore, Pakistan, Israel and in many other cultures to this day.

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Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are most widely known for the tradition and intricate designs of the Henna tattoo. There are many interesting and beautiful rituals of an Indian wedding that pertain to luck, celebration and connecting families. But Henna is one that is actually done on the body…this art is applied to Indian brides, family and friends usually the day before the wedding on hands and feet. The designs are beautiful and intricate and some believe that as long as the stain still appears then one doesn’t have to do any of the housework. Yes…I like this idea too!! Think I am getting a Henna tattoo TODAY! Some believe the darker the Henna, the happier their marriage and the nicer the ‘mother in law’ will be. Again, I can really appreciate this. :)) Patterns drawn by Henna, all have meaning as well, for E.g. a diamond means enlightenment, crescent moons mean a newborn baby, peacock means love, desire and passion. The sentiments are as exquisite as the designs themselves.

Nowadays Henna is everywhere across the world. It is a stunning, non-permanent way to express emotion for any and all occasions. From its history to the present…Henna is a beauty trend that brings art and Bridal Beauty to life.


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