Make It Up Monday – 2021 Fall/Winter Smokey Eye Look

Fall Smokey Eye with GladGirl

I love fall when the leaves change to warmer, deeper tones and our makeup does as well. Nothing feels quite the same as when I’m able to put on a berry lip and a warm brown smokey eye. I love when I’m able to set aside my natural, more bare face makeup looks for a few months and turn heads with something more dramatic.

To get started with your fall/winter smokey eye, grab your Be Eye Beautiful Customizable Eyeshadow Palette and blend Palm Springs Blush all over the lid and crease. To add a bit of depth, apply New York Summer Blush in the crease, on to the lid and on the lower lash line for a more blended look. Use a small amount of the Be Eye Beautiful Retractable Pencil in brown on the upper and lower lash lines, focusing on the outer corner to create a more almond effect on the eye.

GladGirl Spike Lashes

Once you have blended the pencil, apply Palm Springs Party to the crease and slightly above to add depth. This shadow will pump up the fall vibes and I think should be a staple in everyone’s makeup kit. Make sure Palm Springs Party is blended well to create a seamless effect. For the inner corner, use Ivory Coast Illuminati and a flat brush onto the lower third lash line. This will help to create a more almond shaped eye and make you look more awake. If you want to intensify and brighten the shadow, spray a small amount of setting spray or water onto the brush and pat it onto the lid.

Apply Madrid Mood to the top inner third of the lid. I like to pat this highlight onto the lid for more of a pop. For a more intense look, you can finish your eyes by applying Morocco Mood to the upper and lower outer corners of the lash line; make sure you blend really thoroughly!

This fall/winter look can be customized to be more intense or softer depending on your vibe.  Do you have any go-to fall looks you love?


Monique Mazer Strybel

Monique uses her 14 years of experience as a hair and makeup artist to elevate natural beauty, highlighting glowing complexions and natural hair. She emphasizes the tone and tactile quality of skin, the movement of hair, and a skillful use of color, whether in natural or glamorous looks. Monique shares her love of product, technique, and skill on Instagram with her followers. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two fur babies. Connect with her on Instagram @makeupbymazer !

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