How To Be Red Carpet Ready: The Complete Guide

Be Red Carpet Ready

It’s awards season, and hey, we might not all be celebs, but we can certainly strut what we’ve got on the red carpet. Well, on a red carpet. Don’t be caught unaware for a red carpet event, an awards party, or an extra special night on the town. Make sure you have what you need to be red carpet ready in a flash!

Dress It Up

Have your red carpet fashion go-tos prepped in advance. Every woman needs a few cocktail dresses on hand. The little black dress is a staple, but I always have a favorite flirty cocktail dress in my closet. I like varying shades of blue, purple, and green for a jazzy evening out.

The red carpet is no place for a carpet bag. Make sure you own a versatile clutch for storing your red carpet essentials. Speaking of which…

Emergency Essentials

Sure, you’ll want to carry your lipstick for touch-ups and some blotting paper for any oily skin emergencies, but if there’s room in your clutch, tote along the following essentials for any red carpet mishaps:

  • Fashion tape – toupee tape is a double-stick tape that tends to be less expensive than “fashion tape”.
  • Band-Aid – for any blisters caused by new high heels.
  • Clear nail polish – a must if you’re wearing pantyhose or tights and need to stop runs!
  • Clear brow gel – if your hair is swept into an up-do, then a clear brow gel easily tames flyaways.
  • Needle and thread – that matches your dress, of course, because accidents happen!
  • Mints – because those appetizers may be way garlicky.
  • Eyelash glue – just in case your eyelash extensions become unhinged.


A red carpet evening is the perfect excuse to bust out your boldest pieces of jewelry. That statement necklace and jewel of a cocktail ring finally get to come out and have some fun. But…not every piece of jewelry should make a statement, or you’ll get lost under all the bling. Pair a daring necklace with a snazzy ring, but then top the look off with some small diamond (or CZ) studs. If you want to show off a brilliant set of earrings, then take your pick of a bold necklace or bracelet…one or the other will do.

Glad Lash - Award Winning Lashes

Walk It Out

The red carpet is the place for heels. Just make sure you test out those 7-inch killer stilettos so that they don’t actually kill you on the carpet. Walk around your apartment for an hour or so for a few days before the big event to make sure your shoes don’t ruin your fun or your evening.

If your feet can’t be friends with stilettos, then try out some wedges, which are more comfortable and sturdy, but still red carpet acceptable. If you’re decked out in a ball gown or fluffy skirt, then you can get away with flats, but if you’re wearing a form-fitting dress, then flats are out. Unless you’re a rebel and a revolutionary, and then you can wear whatever the heck you want and I support you!

Primp and Prep

Being red carpet ready just adds a few extra beauty rituals to your daily routine. You can spend all day at the spa and salon getting ready, but if you don’t have a beauty squad backing you, then all you really need is a mask, a scrub, and a luxurious moisturizer.

Illuminating masks, especially sheet masks like SKII‘s, give skin a flawless, red carpet look. A body scrub is a necessity for sloughing off dead skin for an extra smooth you. And top off the skincare with a brightening moisturizer, perhaps with a bit of shimmer?

Have fun with your makeup. Red lips or a smoky eye are always appropriate. And, of course, perfect your look with some lash extensions. It’s always a good idea to book an appointment a few days in advance of the big night to ensure you’re ready.


Lashes, lashes, lashes! Whether they are false, flare or individual extensions, lashes are the key to unlocking your red carpet ready look.

What Are the Stars Up to This Red Carpet Season?

Getting red carpet ready appears to be an all-day event for celebs. HuffPost Style collected Instagram photos of stars getting ready for the 2017 Golden Globes. The photos are worth a look-see: Golden Globes 2017: How The Stars Got Red Carpet Ready.

What’s your favorite red carpet look? Share a photo in the comments below!  

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