Get Visible – If You Don’t Have a Business Website… What’s the Next Best Thing?

Get Visible - What's the Next Best Thing?

Does the thought of creating your own website give you the shivers? I get it. Although the benefits of having your own website are many, it’s true that it does take a considerable amount of time and effort, and some money to do a website properly.

What if you could enjoy most of the benefits of a website for your business, with little effort and absolutely no cost – as in, totally FREE!?

The good news is, with the new Artist Directory, you can have your cake and eat it, too! The Artist Directory is a newly-launched, free business directory – custom designed from the ground up – for lash and brow artists like you, to showcase your business.

Even if you do have your own website, you will want to consider adding this new business directory to marketing channels. Every little bit helps, right?

Lash and Brow Artists' Industry Survey 2021

Here are some of the fab features you won’t want to miss out on:

Quick and Easy

You can create your basic listing in three minutes. You’ll also get your own login to come back at any time to update and tweak your page whenever you want.

Permanent Page and URL

When you list, you’ll get your own page with your own URL that you can share and direct your customers to.

LookBook Gallery

The fine folk at GladGirl (the company behind the directory) know how important it is to show your customers how awesome your work is. There’s a gallery where you can upload your best before and after pics, and looks.

Optimized for Mobile

This 2017 report tells us that mobile traffic makes up 50% of all website visits, and is increasing around 30%, year on year. It’s no surprise that the Artist Directory is optimized for “mobile first” visitors for a beautiful mobile experience.

Reach Out

The directory makes it super easy for your next customer to reach out, with full contact details and options to call or email you with one touch.

Social Sharing

Social sharing buttons are also included so you can encourage your customers to share the love. Social proof is so important in this social media driven age.

Don’t be at all surprised if the Artist Directory quickly becomes the number one destination for lash lovers and artists to connect. Get on board now and get visible!


Steve Richard-Preston

Steve Richard-Preston is digital producer at eCommerce web agency Curata (curata.com.au). He has a passion for making ideas come to life online and specializes in eCommerce, digital strategy, content production, email marketing and Facebook advertising. Steve has worked for the past 11 years in a broad range of creative, technical and managerial roles, both client and agency side. He's here to help you Get Visible!

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