Get Visible – 3 Reasons Why You Need a Business Website

Get Visible - Why You Need a Website

So, you’re busy on Facebook and Instagram…? You’re updating regularly and your followers are engaged. If everything is going to plan, you’re also getting enquiries from new customers, right? BOOM, you are winning!

Social media sites are fantastic platforms to get visibility for your business. They are easy to use, free, and don’t require any technical maintenance.

While Facebook, Instagram, and others should absolutely be a part of your marketing plan, they should not be the entirety of your online profile!

Interestingly, only around half of lash professionals actually have their own website (PLBAIS 2016 results*). The bad news is, if you don’t have a website, it’s likely that you’re missing out on new customers. Here are three reasons why you need a website now:


A website gives you total control over how you present your business and services. On the other hand, social media platforms are by nature very restrictive about what you can and can’t do. With a website, you can present your lookbook, card, and any other information exactly they way you want. In a way that truly sells.

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While social media may be working for you now, what about in five or ten years from now? If you’re investing time building a profile on social media, that is of course fantastic, but you don’t actually own that. You must understand this point. The social media platform does! And “they” can and do change their “rules”, and are subject to trends. You might think I’m crazy for saying it, but there could be a day in the future when Facebook isn’t around, or at least isn’t as all-powerful as it is today. Think about that for a moment.

If you have a website, you own your business’s profile. So long as you keep paying a few dollars a year for the domain name, you own it forever. 😉


A website also adds a level of legitimacy to what you do. Social media and business directories are important discovery tools and critical for social proof, but often customers will then seek out your website to get more details about you and your services.

A good website can close the deal and be the difference between a customer picking up the phone, or not. Particularly for first-time customers thinking about dropping $120 or more on a full set with a new lash artist, the lack of a website can be a deal breaker.

Have you got all your eggs in one basket on social media? Why wouldn’t you have your own website? I’d love to know what you think about this, leave a comment!

Until next time, Get Visible!

*Professional Lash & Brow Artist’s Survey 2016 – 49% answered “no” to “does your business have a website?”


Steve Richard-Preston

Steve Richard-Preston is digital producer at eCommerce web agency Curata (curata.com.au). He has a passion for making ideas come to life online and specializes in eCommerce, digital strategy, content production, email marketing and Facebook advertising. Steve has worked for the past 11 years in a broad range of creative, technical and managerial roles, both client and agency side. He's here to help you Get Visible!

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