Eyelash Extensions Infographic – Industry Survey Results Paint a Picture of a Beautiful Lash Life

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In late 2016, we had an idea… We wanted to get a feel for who we are as eyelash artists, and how well we are navigating this industry. We wanted to know all about the good aspects of our work, as well as the concerns and issues YOU face and deal with day-to-day. So that we can all work together to make the industry better, we ran the first-ever international survey focused specifically on professional eyelash and brow technicians – the Professional Lash & Brow Artists’ Industry Survey. The survey was sponsored by Glamcor and we heard from over 450 of you, all across the globe! The infographic paints a picture of our beautiful artists. Enjoy and share!


Beautiful Lash Life Infographic - Industry Survey Results

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An Ever-Evolving Industry

“Over the past 30 years that we have been in business, we have seen the beauty industry grow and evolve at a rapid rate,” said Esther Bolkin, Director and Founder of Glad Lash, Inc. “As such, we feel this survey offers us key insights into our industry and helps us to ascertain where we can help our lash and brow artists to continue to grow and build their businesses. What we are seeing is a group of highly motivated and talented professionals, who are making their way in the fast-paced world of beauty, but may need guidance in the areas of client attraction and promotion.”

Satisfied and Qualified!

The great news is that we’re a happy bunch, with 80% of us expressing career satisfaction. Bravo! And, congrats on pursuing your passion with joy! Another high point: 89% of us have completed training and are fully certified, so we can be proud of our skill and commitment to professionalism.


Managing client after care was the number one daily concern, and most artists also face issues fixing others’ work, and offering competitive pricing. Sound familiar?

We also need to address the stat that highlights that more than half of the eyelash artists surveyed have dealt with a client’s allergic reaction in the past year. With so many reactions occurring, it’s essential to always conduct a consultation before lashing new clients.


The majority of technicians work up to 30 hours a week, with 75% earning up to $50,000 per year. The results also show that opportunities are waiting to be seized. For instance, 63% of us only do eyelashes – and hey, that’s a great gig… but you can increase your income by adding additional services beyond your lashes. We know you like to be your own boss (nearly 80% of you, that is!), so be your own best CEO and invest in learning the latest trends, such as volume application or eyebrow services.

An easy way to expand your business is to create a website, which is a vital part of your digital marketing strategy, but only half of respondents have a website, and only a third of those are blogging on a regular basis. We get it, it’s hard to blog when you have lashes to set, but consistent content is one key to building your eyelash empire. If you don’t have time to create your own website, try a business directory such as the Artist Directory by GladGirl, a free resource dedicated to lash and brow artists.

3 Keys to a Happy Career

According to our statistical analysis, there are three “predictors” that are linked to career satisfaction. Meaning, if you can achieve these three outcomes, you are much more likely to be happy and satisfied working as a lash technician. The keys are:

  1. Practice good ergonomics
  2. Find it easy to attract customers
  3. Be licensed


With 79% of artists finding it easy to meet client expectations, you are winning with your clients. Keep up the good work artists! We’re rooting for you, and always here to support you.

Lash On!



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6 thoughts on “Eyelash Extensions Infographic – Industry Survey Results Paint a Picture of a Beautiful Lash Life”

  1. Gayle Zaier says:

    Thank you for doing The survey and posting the results! I am outside of The younger age group, and am in The 5% ! ! ! I have been lashing for 10 months and it is fantastic for my career as a cosmetologist. I am 70% booked with lashes and 30% with hair. I am thrilled and love lashing!

    1. GladLash says:

      Hi Gayle, we’re glad to hear lashing has been a great career choice for you! We’re thrilled to hear the results and thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Jochael says:

    Love this!! Thank you for posting. 🙂

  3. Joel says:

    Thank you for posting this as Market Research for this industry is quite scarce. I am currently helping my wife with her business plan, and this information has been extremely helpful with doing so, but had one question in regards to your survey…
    You stated that 75% of eyelash technicians earn up to $50,000, is this before or after expenses?
    Again, thank you! 🙂

    1. GladLash says:

      Hi Joel,

      It’s “income”, so it would be before expenses.

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