Cosmetology School – The Biggest Takeaways In My Journey So Far

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Hi there, everyone! So I am now a third of the way complete with my cosmetology training, and let me just say that it hasn’t been a walk in the park by any means. It’s not because I’m struggling academically, but everything else around me is still out-of-whack. I’ve had to hop around from job-to-job and live paycheck-to-paycheck – a life that I hadn’t lived in a long time and I never thought I’d experience again…

The Road Less Traveled Came With New Skills

At this point in my educational career, I am now able to cut and color hair. I am also improving on my blow-drying, although I’m weirdly struggling with my shampooing. I tend to get clients more soaked than needed, but that’s all part of the learning process, and luckily everyone I’ve drenched has been nice about it. I discovered that I really love manicuring and I feel like once I’m done with my training, I would love to focus on nail art. These are all skills that I didn’t have a few months ago, and the more I practice the more impressed I become with myself. I’m open to advice and constructive criticism because I genuinely want to learn, and that has made all the difference for me.

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Think Your Way to Success

It’s funny how you can go from being at a low point to achieving success, to crashing and burning all over again. If you don’t know already, the second fall from grace is usually greater than the first. However, I know that in the end, it’ll be worth it because I didn’t let any setbacks get in the way.

Recently, I read up on the “Law of Attraction,” and I started trying to change my ways of thinking. If you’re struggling, you still have to act and think that you’re already living your best life. I know it’s not the easiest thing in the world, but the times I manifested good thoughts, I got good results. I can’t afford to fail right now, so thinking on “the bright side” keeps me going, rather than feeling stressed or despaired.

Do What You Love

Instead of dwelling on what we don’t have, it’s important to focus on what we DO have. That way of thinking will help you get through any hurdles life has to offer. At the end of the day, I genuinely love making clients feel good, I love the feeling I get being part of the beauty industry, I love my instructors and classmates, and that love alone trumps everything else. We’re only given one life, so it is best to spend it doing things that fill your heart with happiness.

If you want to learn more about how I got into the cosmetology world, check out my journey to cosmetology school here!


Christy Espino

Born-and-raised in Los Angeles, Christy Espino has always pursued her artistic ambitions in the arts. Currently in cosmetology school, Christy also has a bachelor's degree in screenwriting as well as a background in permanent makeup. She has a great love for writing and all things beauty-related, so there is no doubt contributing to the Glad Lash Blog comes naturally to her. Her style is witty and educational and we are pleased to share her fresh, new expertise and insight. Christy hopes to inspire men and women everywhere to explore the things they are passionate about and build a fulfilling career in beauty.

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