Move, Lash, BE Better – Mindful Movements for Your Hips and Upper Back


After a long day of eye-lashing, how is your body feeling? Through my own body issues over the years, I have learned a lot about how we can move better. I am so excited to share with YOU in learning to move more mindfully – reducing injury, while possibly helping you become a faster and […]

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Eyelash Mag January/February Edition: Healthy Handbook Article

In the press Jan/Feb Eyelash Mag

Glad Lash features in the Jan/Feb edition of Eyelash Magazine with Sarah Moore quoted in an in depth article promoting artist self-care. The Sport Fit LED Magnifying Glasses and Glamcor Mono Light Kit are also mentioned in the “Protective Products” round up. View the glasses in store, and Glamcor kit here. For more from Sarah, check out this introductory […]

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Move, Lash, BE Better – Healing the Body and Mind with Conscious Breath

breathing move lash be better

Got a moment to take a breather with me? You may be wondering what breathing has to do with your eyelash extension practice. The answer is everything! Teaching my last eyelash course, I noticed my students in so much body discomfort. Only a couple hours into class, aches and pains were inhibiting our productivity. The […]

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Move, Lash, BE Better – Why Wellness Matters in Business: Being an Entrepreneur of Conscious Capitalism

Move, Lash, BE Better - Wellness Matters

We’ve been talking a lot of numbers lately, and it’s time for a change of pace. It’s time to take a journey beneath the surface of our beauty practices. In my new six part series “Move, Lash, BE Better”, I will be giving you a holistic perspective on your business. Get ready to move, breathe […]

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