Volume Lashes

Wednesday Wink – 3 Tips for Perfecting Your Volume Fans

Perfect Volume Fans

Looking to turn a corner with your hand made fans? I find with my technique that the biggest changes result from the smallest shift in habits. Here are 3 tips for perfecting your volume fans. Notice the pressure you are applying with your tweezers. The pressure used to make volume fans is drastically different than […]

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Wednesday Wink – Are You Ready to Discover Rapid Fan Lashes?

Glad Lash Rapid Fan Lashes

Are you using Rapid Fan Lashes, or are you making volume fans by hand? Those of us who took the volume training, practiced, and struggled to create those pretty fans, may consider this kind of cheating. I am volume trained and practiced a whole year before I did a full set of volume on any […]

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The Lash Temperature is Rising with these Mega Volume Summer Eye-Sentials

Mega Volume Summer Eye-Sentials

The Mega Volume temperature is rising as we lash into summer at Glad Lash. Shop your favorite products and give your clients the hottest in mega-volume looks. Selected eyelash extensions, glue and tools are on sale now.

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Wednesday Wink – 4 Ways to Spring Into Voluminous Lashes!

4 Ways to Voluminous Lashes

If you have already done your makeup spring cleaning, then it is time to restock on some new lashes this season. From day to day, to your big day, this lash guide shows you the hottest eyelash extensions you need for all your springtime beauty!  Spring Lashes For You Stock up on the best kinds […]

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Spring Into Volume – FREE EXCLUSIVE GLADGIRL Makeup Gift Set with a $100 Purchase*

Spring Into Volume - Essentials on Sale + Special Offer

Lash Lovers, we are springing into volume in March here at Glad Lash, with essential volume lashing products on sale! You’ll have a spring in your step too, when you receive your free, exclusive GladGirl Makeup Gift Set with a $100 purchase. The set contains GladGirl® Be Eye Beautiful® – Natural Eyeshadow Palette, 2 Eyeshadow […]

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Wednesday Wink – New Supplies to Make Your Lash Service Even More Exceptional!


Greetings, Lash Lovers! With spring on the horizon, I thought I’d bring you some new products to give you beautiful new beginnings. The Sticky Dot These sticky dots can take your volume lashes to the next level. Easy to adhere to any station, this tool can change the speed at which you do volume. It’s […]

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From the Manual: Classic Eyelash Extension Application – Pt 1 – Lash Products Overview

Classic Extensions Manual - Glad Lash

In the 30+ years I’ve been creating lash looks for clients, there have been major advancements in lash technology. Throughout each innovation, I’ve found it helpful to come back to the basics, which is why I’m dedicating a 5-part blog series to the classic application of eyelash extensions. These articles will be based on the […]

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Wednesday Wink – Believe the Hype About Hybrid Lashes!

Hybrid Lashing Hype

The questions on everyone’s mind these days revolve around getting hybrid lashes. I’m going to explain the details on this newer and very requested set of lash extensions. Hybrid lash extensions can come in a variety of styles and textures. We will go over each in this article! A Classic Hybrid Set I’ll start with using .07mm […]

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Wednesday Wink – How to Sizzle Your Business in the Heat of Summer


Summer is that time of year we all look forward to with such excitement. We get a break from the long cold days of winter, with spring tempting us for the warmth that is about to come. We make our plans for vacations and trips to the beach so we can soak up some much-needed […]

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Wednesday Wink – So Quick… So Easy! Watch These Rapid Fans Come to Life

Rapid Fans by Glad Lash

Hey Lash Lovers! In this post, you will find some tips for getting the fluffiest fans from the new Glad Lash Rapid Fan Lashes. The best part is that almost no volume skill is required 😉 These lashes are pure magic! BEFORE YOU BEGIN: If you are a classically trained artist that has not yet […]

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