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Make It Up Monday: Making It Up By Decade – 1940’s Femininity

1940s Vintage Look Maybelline

The Mother of Glamour: The 1940’s When I began writing these articles focussing on beauty trends through the decades, I became fascinated by the different techniques women utilized to look and feel beautiful. The 1940’s saw the emergence of a new sense of empowered femininity that women sought to achieve while their husbands were out fighting the war. The 1940’s […]

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Make It Up Monday: Making It Up By Decade – The Roaring 20’s!

1920's makeup look explained

Here’s your Make It Up tip of the week! I was looking into hot makeup tips through the decades and want to share with you some interesting facts and a makeup tip to achieve the ‘look of the decade’! Sound fun? Yeah, I thought so!!! This week, the Roaring 20’s! Following WW1, the 1920’s ushered in […]

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Wednesday Wink – 5 Tips for Getting Really Awesome Eyebrows

Wink 5 Tips Eyebrows Featured

1) Determine the Best Shape for Your Face To determine the best eyebrow shape for your face, make sure you find the right arch, width, and thickness for your eyebrows. This is key and be sure to take into account your whole face, not just the eye area. 2) Know Where the Brow Actually Starts To achieve […]

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Make It Up Monday #12 – Set It Right

Make It Up Monday Setting Spray

Even though it’s not quite melting weather yet, I’d like to give you all a heads or “face” up on a couple great makeup-setting products. In days of old, ladies used to set their makeup with hairspray sprayed directly to the face!! YEP!! Can you believe it?! The alcohol content alone… I shudder to think! […]

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Wednesday Wink – Dealing with Client No Shows

Empty Salon No Client No Show

A frequent issue that has been popping up lately is ” No Shows”, the dreaded empty chair… This can be a big deal to any salon professional. We depend on our clients to make our living. When clients do a no call no show, it is frustrating (just read my rant to know!) and defeating to […]

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Wednesday Wink – The Great Eyebrow Debate: Threading vs Waxing

Eyebrow Extensions Threading Vs Waxing

Whether you find yourself on the side of threading or eyebrow waxing, each one will help you clean up an unruly brow. Until recently, other than tweezing, waxing was really the only option for cleaning and shaping up your eyebrows. That has certainly changed and evolved in the last decade. Threading Threading has become extremely […]

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Wednesday Wink – Quick Tips for Finding Just the Right Lash Look for Your Clients

Lash Look

When we are trying to create a particular look for our clients, there are several things to keep in mind. Here are some of my quick tips for finding just the right lash look for your clients. Enjoy! What shape is the eye? What condition are the clients lashes in? What diameter should I use on […]

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Wednesday Wink – Bold Brows Make a Comeback

WedsWink Full Bodied Eyebrows

A few celebrities have been spotted around town rocking the latest trend in brows, fuller thicker eyebrows. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen this growing trend all over social media. Many women have gone to great lengths to achieve the look. A few ways eyebrow challenged women are achieving this look is by getting eyebrow […]

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Expert Beauty Tips

Beauty Tools of the Trade

Is your beauty routine in a rut? Well, we’ve got some beauty tips from the experts that will help reenergize and maximize your beauty regimen. Let’s start where Glad Lash excels—with your eyes! Expert Tips for Eyes It’s time to doll those lashes up with Mascara, which can get messy. Before applying, protect your upper […]

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