Move Lash BE Better

Move, Lash BE Better – The Tools and Mindset to Build Your Lash Business With Positive Thoughts

One of my passions is helping subconscious thoughts emerge to the surface of one’s conscious. In this post, I will be sharing how to apply intentional thought to business strategy. Marketing From The Heart – Charitable Leads There are amazing organizations in every town who are often on the look out for partners to help […]

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Move, Lash, BE Better – How to Raise Your Energy and Invest In Your Well-being

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other as if everything is a miracle.  – Albert Einstein In today’s post I’ll share life hacks that will help you attract good energy for your business and daily life. From building new habits to adopting a […]

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Move, Lash, BE Better – Healing Movements and Therapies for Your Neck, Shoulders and Thoracic Spine

Move, Lash, BE Better 5

Welcome, providers of eyelash extensions and other peeps of the world that need some upper body movement! How are your neck, shoulders and thoracic spine treating you? Maybe you sit at a desk, or hold on to your phone too much, or maybe both? If you’re anything like me, doing what you love – despite […]

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Move, Lash, BE Better – Avoid Fatigue and Lash Better With These 5 Minute Exercise Routines

Move, Lash, BE Better - Exercises to Avoid Fatigue

Hey Glad Lash peeps!   Have you got three to five minutes spare to focus on yourself? I have two different under-five-minute routines for you to experiment with, at home or even at work! The specific moves selected will help you to stay open in your eyelashing posture, and fight fatigue. They’re easy to fit into your day, […]

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Move, Lash, BE Better – Mindful Movements for Your Hips and Upper Back


After a long day of eye-lashing, how is your body feeling? Through my own body issues over the years, I have learned a lot about how we can move better. I am so excited to share with YOU in learning to move more mindfully – reducing injury, while possibly helping you become a faster and […]

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Move, Lash, BE Better – Healing the Body and Mind with Conscious Breath

breathing move lash be better

Got a moment to take a breather with me? You may be wondering what breathing has to do with your eyelash extension practice. The answer is everything! Teaching my last eyelash course, I noticed my students in so much body discomfort. Only a couple hours into class, aches and pains were inhibiting our productivity. The […]

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Move, Lash, BE Better – Why Wellness Matters in Business: Being an Entrepreneur of Conscious Capitalism

Move, Lash, BE Better - Wellness Matters

We’ve been talking a lot of numbers lately, and it’s time for a change of pace. It’s time to take a journey beneath the surface of our beauty practices. In my new six part series “Move, Lash, BE Better”, I will be giving you a holistic perspective on your business. Get ready to move, breathe […]

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