Introduction to Microblading – 4 More Ways to Make Your Beauty Permanent


Welcome back to the final installment of my microblading series! I hope you have enjoyed learning about this ever-growing-trend, and maybe even went out and got your brows done! If you have received a microblading procedure, are thinking about getting one, or even want to become a microblading artist, I hope that this series has […]

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Introduction to Microblading – 3 Steps to Nailing the Perfect Eyebrow Shape, Every Time


Hi everyone! Welcome back to the microblading blog! If you don’t know what microblading is, I suggest you start with with my first microblading post here! Today, I want to discuss how to find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face! As I’m sure you know, everyone is unique in their own special way, from our personalities […]

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Introduction to Microblading – Things to Consider Before You Begin Your Microblading Journey


Hi! I’m back again with yet another episode of “The Microblading Diaries.” If you tuned into my first post, you’ll remember that I introduced you to the world of microblading, the new age brow tattoos. Microblading is great for people who struggle with achieving perfect symmetry with their brows or even people who may have […]

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Introduction to Microblading – Your Way to Perfect, Low-Maintenance Eyebrows

Microblading Introduction 1

Hello! My name is Christy and this is my first appearance on the Glad Lash Blog! I am excited to share my knwoledge and insights with you all – let’s get right into it! What’s With the Face Tats? Have you ever met someone who decided to get a tattoo…on their face? If the answer […]

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