Get Visible – Welcome to Online Marketing for Lash Business Success

Get Visible - Online Marketing for Lash Business Success

Finding Your Place in the World of Lashes So, you’re in the lash extension business… you have a Facebook page, some business cards, and you’ve done a few lash extension sets for a handful of clients. Then something happens… and it almost catches you by surprise. You have that moment when you realize that THIS […]

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The Eyelash and Brow Artist’s Path to Prosperity: Part 4 – Why You Need to Sell Your Add-On Services

Lash and Brow Artist's Path to Prosperity Sell Add-On Services

Let’s jump right in and discuss the touchy issue of numbers. Most of us service providers don’t like numbers. They’re really technical and boring! Do any of these three statements sound familiar to you? “I just want to provide great services to my client’s.” “I don’t know how much money I am making.” “I just […]

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The Eyelash and Brow Artist’s Path to Prosperity: Part 2 – Amazing Consultations

Path to Prosperity 2: Amazing Consultations

In the first part of this series, we discussed how to generate a loyal client base. I hope that you found my tips timely and helpful. I have personally used the business-building tips I wrote about, and some were more successful than others. Keep chipping away at them to find the ones that work best […]

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The Eyelash and Brow Artist’s Path to Prosperity: Part 1 – How to Generate a Loyal Client Base

Path to Prosperity 1 Generate A Loyal Client Base

Have you been dreaming of a successful and profitable career in the beauty industry as a lash or brow artist? If yes, then you’re in the right place! Glad Lash is here to help you every step of the way with this new series of articles designed to put you on the “path to prosperity”. Each […]

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7 Powerful Business Tips for Salon Owners

7 Business Tips

Having chosen to follow your passion as a lash or brow technician, you have definitely ticked the artist box. Many of you are also business owners and the reality is there’s plenty to focus on outside of applying those lashes and brows. How is that business box looking? Tick, tick, tick? Building a successful business requires years of […]

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For the Lash of It!

The spa industry is all about helping a woman feel her best through beautifying and enhancing her natural attributes. The art of eyelash extensions is the perfect way to achieve this effect. In the U.S, eyelash extensions are a relatively recent addition to the makeup and salon repertoire. Because this is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical way […]

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