Lash & Brow Artist’s Industry Survey

Wednesday Wink – How to Achieve The Ultimate Man Brow


One of my long-time clients recently moved to New York last year. When he was in town for the holidays, he mentioned how hard it was to find someone that could do his brows well. He said the services he tried had gone a bit over-board in hair removal, and asked how I did his […]

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Don’t Miss These 5 Hot Services to Offer Your Clients in 2018

Glad Lash pulled some very interesting stats from the Industry Survey. We saw very clearly that our lash artists are extending themselves by offering quite a variety of services! These are the most popular services currently being offered by salon professionals who also perform lash extension services, in order: Classic Lash Extensions Eyebrow Waxing Volume Lashes […]

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The Top 5 Concerns of Lash Artists: Tips to Overcome Daily Challenges

Industry Survey - Top 5 Artist Concerns

Yes, we are a happy crew! In fact, the majority of us lash techs are satisfied with our careers and enjoy being creators of beauty, according to the 2016 Lash & Brow Artists’ Industry Survey. However, we do face challenges each day, and in the growing and evolving world of lash artistry, the same questions […]

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Cosmetology or Esthetics – Which is the Right Education for Your Eyelash Extensions Career?

Are you looking to become a beauty industry professional? Do you want to make your clients look amazing with luscious eyelash extensions? If you’re considering your education options, this article is for you! Our Professional Lash and Brow Artists’ Industry Survey 2016 results show us that 74% of those who responded are licensed beauty industry professionals. 25% […]

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How to Set Your Prices Right for Your Lash Extension Business


We’ve gleaned quite a lot of useful information from the Industry Survey. I want to use this data now to help you grow your eyelash extension business, so let’s get your pricing right! Not sure how much to charge for eyelash extensions? Well, we are going to take the guesswork out of this process, and help […]

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How Much do Eyelash Extensions Cost? The Definitive Guide to What You’ll Pay for Application, Maintenance and After Care

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost

You’ve seen your friend look amazing wearing them, and heard her raving about how great they are… And, for good reason! Something that seemed like a fad not so long ago has now become a beauty must. One thing we can happily say for sure is that lash extensions are here to stay! So, let’s answer […]

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Eyelash Extensions Infographic – Industry Survey Results Paint a Picture of a Beautiful Lash Life

Industry Survey Results - A Beautiful Lash Life Blog

In late 2016, we had an idea… We wanted to get a feel for who we are as eyelash artists, and how well we are navigating this industry. We wanted to know all about the good aspects of our work, as well as the concerns and issues YOU face and deal with day-to-day. So that we […]

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Industry Survey 2016 – Prize Winners

PLBAIS 2016 Winners

First and foremost, a lashing big thank you goes out to all of you artists who took the time to complete the first PLBAIS. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible to run this initiative. The Response We received over 450 survey submissions from Norway to The Netherlands, from The United States to Australia and many […]

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Professional Lash & Brow Artists’ Industry Survey 2016 – Tell Us What You Really Think…

Professional Lash & Brow Artists Industry Survey 2016

As a lash and brow artist you’re following your passion for creativity and beauty. You love working with people and helping others feel good about themselves. Providing your skills, experience, and services to your customers is all in a day’s work for you. As Glad Lash enters its 30th year in business, we’re reflecting on […]

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