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Eye on Training: Glad Lash Training Academy Featured in Eyelash Mag

Eyelash Mag Cover March-April 2016 Edition

Each one-day master class is limited to just three students. “When you have very small classes, people get much more out of it,” says Bolkin. “It’s a very detailed process, and students really need your attention.” – Esther Bolkin, Eyelash Mag, March-April 2016 Eyelash Mag March-April 2016 Edition featured Glad Lash Training Academy.  

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Glad Lash Featured: San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Esther and Brian of Glad Lash

Glad Lash was recently featured in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. The article focuses on Glad Lash’s current transition to the new Glad Girl brand and on the planned product line expansion.   The San Fernando Valley Business Journal can be found online here.

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“Glad World” – Eye Lash Article (January-February 2016 Edition)

Eye Lash Magazine Cover

Glad Lash is in the news again. Eye Lash (January-February 2016 edition) contains a write up about the new website and product line expansion. You can read online here. Flick through to page 15.  

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Press Release – Glad Lash Inc. Gets a GladGirl Make-Over, Expands Line of Beauty Products and Website Services…


Read the latest Glad Lash press release providing details around our new website launch and plans for 2016 including new products and new branding. Download the Press Release PDF. Read the press release on Business Wire.

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Seven Powerful Strategies – Boost the beauty of those natural brows and lashes by offering this simple advice.

Glad Lash Featured in Eye Lash Magazine June 2015

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Snooze on Satin

Snooze on satin. Research has found that using a satin pillowcase can help to minimize hair loss and breakage, which is why companies such as Glad Lash retail them to protect lashes as well.

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Expert Advice from Esther Bolkin for Eye Lash April 2015

Q: What personality traits can help you to be good at lash extensions? A: Patience is a virtue, since it can take up to two hours to apply a full set of lashes. Good hand-eye coordination is also crucial. Lash artists must have an aptitude for doing detailed work-and, really, have the dexterity of a […]

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Esther Bolkin, Founder of Glad Lash joins editorial advisory board for Eye Lash Magazine

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Glad Lash Featured on “6 under $6” Channel 6 NBC

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Glad Lash Featured on “Good Things Utah” Channel 4 ABC

Do makeup and skin care products expire? Yes, makeup and skin care products do expire. Cosmetic companies are not required to put expiration dates on beauty products although some brands do list them, most don’t. Using expired makeup can lead to serious skin irritation, breakouts, and infection. They harbor bacteria. The team at Glad Lash […]

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