Glue and Remover

Subscribe and Save… What’s not to Love?

GladGirl Subscriptions

Today we come to you with life (and wallet) changing news! GladGirl has recently launched a Subscription Service that offers you not only convenience but savings at the end of the day. We’re launching this service with our Glue & Remover products, with more to be added. Let’s take a look at a couple of […]

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Wednesday Wink – New Glitter for Eyelash Extensions + Clear Glue = Glitter Winter Wonderland

New Glitter for Eyelash Extensions and Glue

Hello Lash Lovers! Yay, 2020 here we come! We want to welcome you to a whole new world of winter lashing. Here are two new products that are sure to define eyelash creativity in the year ahead: Glitter for Eyelash Extensions and a brand new CLEAR adhesive in our Volumizing Collection! A Glitter Winter Wonderland […]

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Wednesday Wink – 5 Quick Tips to Get the Best Results From Your Lash Glue

Glue by Glad Lash

1. Temperature Choose a lash glue that will perform in the conditions you are working in. If your room runs warmer, you may need a glue that stands up to a warmer temperature. Same if you are in a cooler environment. Most lash glue will work well with indoor temperatures between 72-76 degrees F. If […]

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Wednesday Wink – Your Go-to Guide to the Best Eyelash Glues


Get ready to pump up the volume! We’ve got something new to feast your eyes on! If you’re anything like me – an artist with lots of variables from day to day – the one constant I can count on is knowing I use the best lashes and adhesives. Even more so, I need to trust my […]

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Wednesday Wink – The Secret to Speeding Up Curing Without Enhancers


Do these products really work? Do I need them? Today I want to shed some light on a few new items that have come to the market to help speed up glue curing and lash retention. Just for full disclosure: I am not a scientist. However, I have used many types of glue and have […]

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From the Manual: Classic Eyelash Extension Application – Pt 1 – Lash Products Overview

Classic Extensions Manual - Glad Lash

In the 30+ years I’ve been creating lash looks for clients, there have been major advancements in lash technology. Throughout each innovation, I’ve found it helpful to come back to the basics, which is why I’m dedicating a 5-part blog series to the classic application of eyelash extensions. These articles will be based on the […]

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Wednesday Wink – MUST-HAVE Vegan Lash Products!


Here at Glad Lash we’ve got you covered! Going vegan is not a fad, it’s a revolution across the beauty industry. Here are some of my faves when it comes to providing your clients with cruelty-free services: Cruelty-Free Fluff Glad lash has a large range of vegan lashes and adhesives to choose from. My preferred […]

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Wednesday Wink – Glue Review: Lash Lock Glue for Eyelash Extensions

Hello Lash Lovers! Glad Lash certainly has a heap of glue options to choose from, so here are some notes on a new adhesive, and how to choose the best glue for you. Over the last week I have brought the new GladGirl Lash Lock glue to all of my appointments, and used it in […]

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New Lash Lock Glue for Eyelash Extensions + Spend $150 Storewide and Get 1 Free Summer After Care Pack

Lash Lovers, Are you ready for your summer cling? Meet your new go-to glue for eyelash extensions – Lash Lock. Our new, low viscosity glue sets in 3-4 seconds and will give your clients up to 5 weeks retention! Read more… Summer After Care Promotion It’s been a long, hot summer and our free summer […]

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Wednesday Wink – Glue Stations and an Eyelash Confession

Glue Station

Today I want to talk about two basic kinds of glue station for lashing. Jade Stone Palette The jade stone is great for keeping the glue cool and most importantly, it comes in a dome shape. This setup is highly recommended for beginners as it allows skills to be refined, ideal for perfecting glue distribution also […]

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