Eyelash Extensions

Wednesday Wink – My Journey to Becoming a Lash Extensions Educator


I get asked quite a bit about how I became a lash extension educator. Mostly, the questions sound something like, “What makes you so qualified?” or “How did you get to be a certifier?” Well, I am here to shine some daylight on all those questions and more. In this article, I will be explaining […]

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Revolutionary Rapid Fans – Spend $150 Storewide, Get a Free Summer After Care Gift Pack

July Promotion on now at Glad Lash

The revolution is here! In July we introduce our new Rapid Fans, the game changer for all volume lash lovers! Free After Care We have extended our Summer After Care promotion – Spend $150 Storewide, Get a Free Summer After Care Gift Pack valued at over $50! Sale Eyelash extensions products are on sale now.  

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Wednesday Wink – Fake it ‘Till you Make It!


As a lash extension trainer, I feel the pain of every new lash artist out there looking to start their career. When I took my training, I had to complete 12 practice sets of lashes before I received my certification. I had to send before and after photos to my instructor for review and received […]

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Wednesday Wink – Water, Wash, Prime…? What’s the Best Prep Method for Eyelash Extension Retention?

Over a decade of observing my colleagues, it appears great lash retention can be the product of many prep methods. While it appears each application is case to case, here are some guidelines to help you navigate each scenario. Method: Water Alone Scene: Client arrives with clean, oil free, makeup free lashes. (Yay, thank you, […]

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Wednesday Wink – 2 Pro Tips for Lash Isolation and Taping

In today’s Wink, I’d like to share a couple of tips to help you during eyelash extensions application. L Tweezers Pointing Down Have you tried using an L tweezer pointed down in your left hand? With a curved or L shaped tweezer you’ll achieve precision beyond that which a straight angled tool can provide. Also, […]

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