Eyebrow Extension

Wednesday Wink – Brow Lamination – A Quick Summer Service to Upsell to Your Clients

Model with Brows laminated using GladGirl Brow Lamination Kit

Summer is all about soaking up as much sand, sun and surf as possible, and the last thing anyone wants is to be spending those sun shining days at the salon. Your clients still want to look like the summer goddesses they are, so why not give them brows that came from the Golden-Ray Gods […]

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Q&A With the GladGirl Northridge Team: Crystal

Crystal - GladGirl Northridge

At GladGirl, we don’t just lash our customers, we love them. We also love giving expert advice whenever you need it! In our final feature post we Q&A with Crystal. 1. What’s your favorite Glad Lash/GladGirl product, and why? My favorite Glad Lash product is our Signature Mink D curl .05 lashes. They’re so easy […]

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Make It Up Monday – Eyebrow Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re discussing a trend that can speak to those affected by hair loss of another sort… Losing hair can be a devastating by-product of chemotherapy, and also occurs with conditions like alopecia. Wigs are available to women who have lost their locks, but what about other facial hair loss? […]

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Eyelash Mag September/October Edition: Industry Survey Kudos, Tools Featured…

In The Press - Eyelash Mag Sept-Oct

The September/October edition of Eyelash Mag was a super busy one for Glad Lash, with Editor In Chief Karie Frost making special mention of the Professional Lash and Brows Artists Industry Survey in her “Eye Opener – Editor’s Note” edition introduction. Glad Lash compiled your peers’ answers on a wide range of topics, and the […]

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The Golden Age of Eyebrows – Explore the Many Options to Build and Shape Bold Brows

Brows by Glad Lash - Golden Age of Brows

Who doesn’t want bold, beautiful eyebrows that stand out and frame their eyes? Nothing is subtle or shy about brows these days… They’re hot, hot, hot! There are many options for both shaping and building up brows. Perhaps the greatest benefit of professional brow enhancement is the power to dramatically change how your customers see […]

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Bold Brow Decisions – Should I Stain or Should I Tint?

For those of us born blond, we’ve had to deal with barely perceptible eyebrows our entire lives. If you’re like me, you’ve looked far and wide for the best way to enhance and define your brows so that they stand out in all their gorgeous glory. Today’s trending eyebrows make it more important than ever […]

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Brows 101 – Tinting, Trimming and Tweezing (Including My Tinting Recipe for Redheads!)

Wednesday Wink - Brows Tweezing and Tinting

Hey glad guys and glad girls! For this week’s Wednesday Wink, I’m giving you a peek into how I design brows! We’ll look at the “three T’s” – tinting, trimming and tweezing, and I’ll share a painless brow tweezing tip along with my personal recipe for tinting redheads 🙂 1. Always Start with a Tint Tinting […]

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Wednesday Wink – Lashes, A Love Story

Wednesday Wink - Lash Love Story

Hello Glad Lash Community! I’m Sarah Moore, and I’m delighted to come aboard here at the Glad Lash blog. After all, I have been a glad girl since my day one when I started in the beauty industry, over 13 years ago. As a master of lashes and brows, I will be joining the team to […]

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Wednesday Wink – The Hottest Trend in Eyebrows – 3D Microblading

Wednesday Wink Microblading Before and After

You may have seen before and after pictures all over social media of women with fuller, practically perfect looking eyebrows and wondering, “What is that?” Or your clients may be asking, “How did they get their brows like that?” Well, it’s called 3D Microblading, and whether or not you are considering offering 3D microblading to […]

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Wednesday Wink – 4 Quick Eyebrow Grooming Tips For Men

Eyebrow grooming tips for men

You receive a phone call for an appointment, and it’s a man’s voice on the other end- “I’d like to make an appointment for my eyebrows.” Your first thought can be, “I’ve never done a guy’s eyebrows before.” Because men need grooming too, here are 4 quick tips to help both you and him… 1. Be […]

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