Make It Up Monday – Beauty and the Beet… Delicious DIY Makeup Recipes!

Beauty from Food

Have you ever imagined a world without fabulous beauty retailers like GladGirl, Sephora, or CVS? What if we had to start saving money, and couldn’t splurge on ourselves anymore, or if we had to know about each and every ingredient that goes into making our beauty products? What if we had to become self-reliant, and make them […]

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Make It Up Monday – Double Stacking Lashes at Miss West Coast Pageant 2016

Miss West Coast Pageant 2016

In early July, through Glad Lash’s sponsorship of the event, I had the opportunity to #LASH some Miss West Coast Pageant Contestants and let me just say that these ladies know how to ‘SLAY’ the LASH game.  I can only imagine their atmosphere calls for up-to-the-minute awareness of beauty trends spanning from makeup to hair […]

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The Complete After Care Guide for Dazzling Eyelash Extensions All Summer Long

Complete Summer After Care

You’re looking forward to summer…pools, parties, summer sports and trips to the beach, if you’re lucky…but what about your lashes? Contrary to popular belief, eyelash extensions are perfect summer wear. You just have to know how to care for them properly. I’ve been a premier lash technician for over 30 years, and it’s time I shared […]

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