Wednesday Wink – Spring Clean Your Way to a Fresh Start

Organize-Your-Lash-Products (2)

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to do a bit of cleaning and organizing. It’s time to pitch out the clutter you have collected over the year. Let’s get a fresh start to the new season, open those drawers and cabinets, and get to work. Throw Out the Clutter How about those trays of […]

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Make It Up Monday – Smooth Out Wrinkles With Non-Surgical Facelifts


Can we all agree that gravity can sometimes not be our friend? When we look in the mirror, our faces may have a tendency to look a bit droopy or our frown lines may get deeper and it seems like no amount of concealing or contouring can help. Well, today I want to give you […]

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Wednesday Wink – How to Achieve The Ultimate Man Brow


One of my long-time clients recently moved to New York last year. When he was in town for the holidays, he mentioned how hard it was to find someone that could do his brows well. He said the services he tried had gone a bit over-board in hair removal, and asked how I did his […]

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Wednesday Wink – 3-Minute Cat Makeup for the Purrrfect Halloween Look


Are you getting ready for Halloween?! If you’re anything like me, you love dressing up! The smallest lash and brow change can take your costume from awesome to epic. Whether you’re throwing something together before work or going full-blown Heidi Klum for Halloween, GladGirl’s NEW extra bold and shiny ellipse extensions are a great addition to […]

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Wednesday Wink – How to Manage Eyelash Damage, Maintain Lash Health & Avoid Breaks


Over my 15 years of eyelash extension experience, one of the most heartbreaking moments is receiving clients with damaged lashes. Whether it’s because of bad application, poor products, or negligent home care, some eyelashes can really suffer. People with damaged lashes come to me looking for a savior to tell them they don’t have to take […]

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Make It Up Monday – Turn On Your Festival Shine

Springtime festivals are upon us again and we have your beauty guide here to help you get your groove on! If I remember correctly, last year’s festivals were glitterific with hair and body sparkle being key, but this year the sparkle is centered around the face. Place that shine on or around your eye, cheeks […]

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Make It Up Monday – Listen Up! Podcasts to Pump Up Your Beauty Knowledge

Beauty Podcasts

We all know and love social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. But did you know about podcasts? If you don’t, then let me introduce you to them.  If you’re already a podcast user then skip the explanation of what a podcast actually is and jump straight to my top three picks […]

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Wednesday Wink – 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your New Year’s Resolutions!

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your New Year's Resolutions

Beloveds, we have landed in 2018. Let’s make it the BEST year possible! Have you started to follow through on any of your new year’s resolutions? Here are my tips on creating habits to ensure you make the most of your goals. 1. Keep it Simple Choose one small thing that you can commit to […]

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Make It Up Monday – 4 Ghoulish DIY Tricks for Halloween Makeup


It’s October 30th, and you need some last minute Halloween costume ideas! Don’t let Hallow’s Eve get you down. Following on from last week’s stage makeup and Halloween inspo, I’m here to give you some spooky tips on how to use household items or stuff from your makeup kit to help you get your ‘spook’ […]

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Make It Up Monday – How To Depot Your Makeup


When it comes to makeup, I love DIY… So I have a ‘Do It Yourself’ post for all you ‘Space Savers’ out there! If you are a makeup and beauty product freak like me, you probably have an abundance of items like blushes or eyeshadows that are NOT in palettes, but are spread out on […]

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