Cosmetology School – The Biggest Takeaways In My Journey So Far

Cosmetology-School-2- (1)

Hi there, everyone! So I am now a third of the way complete with my cosmetology training, and let me just say that it hasn’t been a walk in the park by any means. It’s not because I’m struggling academically, but everything else around me is still out-of-whack. I’ve had to hop around from job-to-job […]

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Cosmetology School – Don’t Just Dream, Chase Your Dreams Until You Catch Them!


I’ve always been a dreamer with an artistic soul. Unfortunately, however, dreaming doesn’t pay bills, and neither does being an artist (for the most part). So, after I got my bachelor’s degree in screenwriting, I spent the longest time flailing about from one unfulfilling (and none screenwriting-related) job to the next. I had gone from […]

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Lash Team Coach & Mentor – Part 2 – Communication Challenges at Your Salon & How to Overcome Them

Lash Team Pt 2 - Communication Strategy

In this article, I will be addressing your salon’s language and communication between your team and your clientele. This is part 2 to a series we have dedicated to coaching salon entrepreneurs! We hope you enjoy. Now, let’s get back to salon communication and talk about your new team members fresh out of school first. […]

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Starting from Scratch Pt 9 – Your Guide to Hiring Employees for Your Lash Business: Taxes and Payroll

Starting From Scratch 9 - Hiring-Employees For Your Lash Business

When you make the decision to hire employees, there are a vast number of things you need to be aware of before you open your salon or spa business. My first and best advice is to consult a tax professional before you get started. It may cost you a few dollars up front, but in the […]

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Wednesday Wink – 4 HOT Summer Reads To Provide Inspiration For Your Business


While summer schedules are booming and your energy levels keep draining, find ways to stay focused this summer by cozying up to a good book. Spending time educating yourself can not only destress you, but it can also increase the value of your business. In no order of preference, here are some summer reads that […]

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Wednesday Wink – It All Starts With a Dream


Successful business owners work their business every day! What do I mean by that? Let’s break it down. Not a day goes by that we are not working our business. First, we start with a long-term goal. We define what we want our business to look like physically, financially and spiritually. Then we think about […]

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Salon, Booth or Suite? How to Find the Right Working Environment for Your Beauty Services


As a former salon owner, employee and suite renter, I have tons of experience in the different working environments of the beauty services world. In this article, I will go over my experiences working in a salon, renting a booth and renting a suite so that you can get insight into what working in each one […]

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Wednesday Wink – How Do You Move on With Grace?


Just recently my life and career took a huge turn. I was finally settled in the perfect place for my services. I found a beautiful suite in a gorgeous building —the furnishings were top notch, the management was amazing, and I was home. I waited for my suite for 6 months and had planned everything […]

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Lash Team Coach & Mentor – Part 1 – How to Develop a Coaching Plan

Lash Team 1- Develop Coaching Plan

Welcome to LASH TEAM Coach & Mentor! This series will dive deeper into team building strategies for your lash business success! When you are developing your business, recruiting, hiring, mentoring and coaching should all be part of your business plan. In this post, I will be focusing on the part of your plan that involves […]

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Wednesday Wink – Fake it ‘Till you Make It!


As a lash extension trainer, I feel the pain of every new lash artist out there looking to start their career. When I took my training, I had to complete 12 practice sets of lashes before I received my certification. I had to send before and after photos to my instructor for review and received […]

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