Summer of Lashes – Spend $100 on Single Strand Lashes, get 1 free Eyeshadow Palette

August Promotion - Summer of Lashes

Summer rolls on with our Summer of Lashes promotion during August. Spend $100 on Single Strand Lashes, get 1 free Eyeshadow Palette. See below for promotion conditions. Promotion Conditions “Spend $100” is per order, and does not include shipping or taxes. “Single Strand Lashes” includes products from the categories: Individual Mink Lashes, Individual Silk Lashes, […]

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Wednesday Wink – Use These 2 Simple Brow Tips To Exceed Your Lash Clients’ Expectations


Hello Glad Lash Peeps 🙂 This week has me thinking about eyebrows, and how we can go the extra mile for our clients. I’m going to share two quick and easy artist tips with you that are bound to boost client loyalty, and help you sell your add-on services. Most importantly, they will leave your client feeling […]

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Make It Up Monday – Creating The Perfect Brow For Your Face Shape

Make It Up Monday - Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Many of us are afraid to fill in our eyebrows and create what we call the frame of the face. It can be daunting, with so many ways to build brows… You can use eyebrow pencils, pomades, powders, colored mascaras, and even microblading! The tool that you feel most comfortable with is for you to decide, but the basics […]

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Wednesday Wink – The Psychology Behind Bigger Brows

Wednesday Wink - Psychology of Bigger Brows

Brow Artist Tip: Client Education Knowing the facts and history around what you do creates space for client education. Engaging a client through sharing makes the selling of services and products derive from a different place than just ‘trying’ to up sell. Instead, you are giving them all the information to make a choice that […]

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Starting Your Lash Business from Scratch Pt 5 – Make Retail a Priority in Your Salon or Spa

Starting From Scratch 5 - Make Retail A Priority

In the planning stages of your new business, remember to carve out space to showcase your valuable retail products. No matter if you are a small, single person suite or an employer of more than 30 – retail can rock your bottom line. Many new businesses get hung up on the style, colors, and the shiny, pretty things […]

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Make It Up Monday – Be Brow Confident With GladGirl’s Sleek New Eyebrow Pencils

Be Brow Confident

Who doesn’t wish to have the perfect shaped eyebrows to complement their facial bone structure? Brows frame the face, and these days being brow-beautiful is on trend! Did you know that GladGirl has recently launched two new and fabulous brow products? They are really going to make you raise your brows with excitement! Introducing… GladGirl Be […]

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Bold Brow Decisions – Should I Stain or Should I Tint?

For those of us born blond, we’ve had to deal with barely perceptible eyebrows our entire lives. If you’re like me, you’ve looked far and wide for the best way to enhance and define your brows so that they stand out in all their gorgeous glory. Today’s trending eyebrows make it more important than ever […]

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Brows 101 – Tinting, Trimming and Tweezing (Including My Tinting Recipe for Redheads!)

Wednesday Wink - Brows Tweezing and Tinting

Hey glad guys and glad girls! For this week’s Wednesday Wink, I’m giving you a peek into how I design brows! We’ll look at the “three T’s” – tinting, trimming and tweezing, and I’ll share a painless brow tweezing tip along with my personal recipe for tinting redheads 🙂 1. Always Start with a Tint Tinting […]

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