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Make It Up Monday – Quick and Easy Natural Contouring


One of my favorite things on the face is contouring. It can create different shapes on the face as well as add dimension and depth. We have all seen YouTube tutorials that can seem overwhelming and sometimes too extreme. I love a dramatic contour, but for day to day I want something quick and easy. […]

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Make It Up Monday – 2021 Fall/Winter Smokey Eye Look

Fall Smokey Eye with GladGirl

I love fall when the leaves change to warmer, deeper tones and our makeup does as well. Nothing feels quite the same as when I’m able to put on a berry lip and a warm brown smokey eye. I love when I’m able to set aside my natural, more bare face makeup looks for a […]

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Make It Up Monday – Update Your Smokey Eye Look in 4 Easy Steps

2021 Updated Smokey Eye Makeup Look

A great way to update your look is to change up the way you do your eyeshadow. I have been using this technique for a modern smokey eye on myself and clients with beautiful results. It really opens up the eyes making them look larger and more awake. It is also more versatile and customizable […]

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Make It Up Monday – How to use the GladGirl Brow Lamination Kit

DIY Brow Lamination Process

Have you heard the saying “Eyes are the window to the soul”? I love that saying, it’s true and I think we should extend it to include brows too! What do you think?!? A good, full, fluffy brow frames the face and can make your makeup look stand out so much more. In that spirit, […]

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Make It Up Monday – Add a Pop of Glitter to Your 2021 Makeup Looks

Glitter Lashes

I love that the trends change with the seasons and now the New Year is here, that means exciting new ideas to try. While I love a dramatic matte eye, I can’t wait to use my glitters! In 2020, the “no makeup” makeup trends have thrived and now I’ll show you how a pop of […]

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Make It Up Monday – Easy Big Wow Factor Glitter Lashes for the Holidays

Glitter Lashes

Nothing says festive quite like glitter lashes, especially around the holidays! When you walk into a room you are guaranteed to be noticed, in the best way possible. I love wearing them on holidays like NYE, Christmas Eve or my birthday. And the best part is it is super easy to create this big-wow-factor festive […]

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Make It Up Monday – How to Apply False Lashes Like a Pro

How to apply fake lashes

In my 14 years of working as a makeup artist, I’ve always had a knack for applying false lashes on my clients. I have the ability to manipulate where I have her eyes looking, the positioning of her face and I can see exactly where to place the lash. On myself however, I’ve struggled a […]

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