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Make It Up Monday – Made in the New Millennium

Make It Up Monday 2000 Paris Hilton

The decade of the 2000’s…hmmmm, how shall I describe it? Let’s just say that it hasn’t been one of our best with respect to beauty. We had FAKE tans galore, think- Paris Hilton- one word…WHOA! Spray tans were a great alternative to the unhealthy, beating rays of the SUN but most of these made you […]

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Make It Up Monday – My Top 5 Lust-Have Makeup Products

Must Have Makeup

Craft Your Lustful Look… I want to express my LUST for a few products that I am obsessed with! I know these products will be fun to explore if you don’t know of them already. Prepping the skin is one of the most important steps to any makeup application… #1. Vegan Eye Cream Lust for […]

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Make It Up Monday – Avoid the Sizzle with 3 Summer Makeup Tips

Make It Up Monday Summer Sizzle

Summer is here! In honor of the change of the season, I’m going to interrupt the, “Makeup It Up by Decades” posting with some nuggets on how to withstand the HEAT of Summer!! As a makeup artist, I always want to give tips and tricks that will help the, makeup life, seem not so complicated…and for […]

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Make It Up Monday: Making It Up By Decade – 1980’s Totally Awesome!

Make It Up Monday 1980s Awesome

Cyndi Lauper….Madonna….Boy George…David Bowie…these kick-ass talents pushed the ‘Beauty’ standards in every way throughout the 1980s! Everywhere you looked… colorful palettes were a feast for the eyes & senses. Even DUDES got in on the style & wore makeup, pushing the androgyny ideal. Let’s reflect on some of the awesome-ness of this decade, starting with… EYES! […]

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Make It Up Monday: Making It Up By Decade – 1960’s I Got You Babe!


Think Twiggy, Cher and Brigette! These beauty icons of the 60’s were HOTness personified. Let’s speak to the makeup trends that set this decade apart and completely rocked our worlds. Twiggy Twiggy was all about the “MOD” (modern look) high fashion makeup with exaggerated black eyeliner, the cut black eyelid crease and, of course, the […]

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Make It Up Monday: Making It Up By Decade – 1940’s Femininity

1940s Vintage Look Maybelline

The Mother of Glamour: The 1940’s When I began writing these articles focussing on beauty trends through the decades, I became fascinated by the different techniques women utilized to look and feel beautiful. The 1940’s saw the emergence of a new sense of empowered femininity that women sought to achieve while their husbands were out fighting the war. The 1940’s […]

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Make It Up Monday: Making It Up By Decade – The Roaring 20’s!

1920's makeup look explained

Here’s your Make It Up tip of the week! I was looking into hot makeup tips through the decades and want to share with you some interesting facts and a makeup tip to achieve the ‘look of the decade’! Sound fun? Yeah, I thought so!!! This week, the Roaring 20’s! Following WW1, the 1920’s ushered in […]

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Make It Up Monday #12 – Set It Right

Make It Up Monday Setting Spray

Even though it’s not quite melting weather yet, I’d like to give you all a heads or “face” up on a couple great makeup-setting products. In days of old, ladies used to set their makeup with hairspray sprayed directly to the face!! YEP!! Can you believe it?! The alcohol content alone… I shudder to think! […]

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