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American Spa April/May 2019 – Social Butterfly, Love at First Sight

American Spa - April-May 2019

Glad Lash Founder, Esther Bolkin, shared her insight in American Spa’s feature article Social Butterfly which explores how salons and spas can leverage social media. The new and innovative Glad Lash 3D contoured sleep mask is noted as one of this edition’s “amazing lash and brow products” in the Love at First Sight product review.

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Make It Up Monday – 4 Very Vegan Makeup Products by GladGirl!


Being vegan is not only a way of life but has become a movement in fashion, skincare, and makeup! In this article, we will be going over vegan makeup products you can buy today to keep up with the ongoing movement. But first, what does being vegan mean? Let’s define it right now before we […]

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Make It Up Monday- My Personal Journey to Becoming a Professional MUA

make it up monday heather

It’s flashback Monday y’all, so I am going to take you down memory lane and tell you the story of how I got my current job as a freelance makeup artist! The story starts with a young preteen who loved to wear makeup in junior high. I was actually made fun of at times because […]

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New Double Layered Lashes – Make The Perfect Pair – 3D Look in Half the Time!

New Double Layered Lashes - Make the Perfect Pair

Lash Lovers! Say hello to your new favorite, as we introduce our Double Layered Glad Lash Signature Mink Lashes. Combining a D curl strand and a C curl strand, these revolutionary lashes will help you achieve a dramatic, multi-dimensional look in half the time. Trays are available in four length combinations: 9mm and 11mm, 10mm […]

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GladGirl Video – #HappyHolidays #GladGirl #AfterCare

Happy Holidays

#HappyHolidays #GladGril #AfterCare Video by Mark Humphrey www.xperiencefactory.com

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Sale – Happy Holidays: Save Up To 25% Off Selected After Care Products

Happy Holidays Save up to 25% off selected After Care products

The holidays are upon us and we must keep those lashes looking lovely throughout the festive season! The Glad Lash/ GladGirl range of After Care products offers everything you need to care for your extensions. Lash ‘Em for the holidays and send your clients home with the right After Care. Save up to 25% off selected After Care […]

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Glad Lash Promotion – Spotlight on Marketing (Free Peel and Stick Calendars, Sale Products)

Spotlight On Marketing

Lash Lovers, if you’ve been following the Glad Lash blog of late, you would know that we’re a little obsessed with your business. Actually, helping you to build your business to be as good as it can be. You’ve worked hard to lash your clients and worked even harder to get them through your door in […]

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