Halloween 2014 Makeup Suggestions

Hair & Makeup by: Heather Coopersmith Model: Jamie Kimmel

According to a US survey, 46% of American adults are planning to celebrate Halloween 2014 in costume! Alongside the ever popular go-to costumes like Cat Woman, Wonder Woman and sexy vampire, we’re sure to be seeing a plethora of Maleficent walking the streets this Halloween. To help you top off your look, follow the Halloween makeup suggestions below. You’ll need eyeshadows, body/face paint, and your favorite Glad Lash extensions…because Glad Lash gals are much too creative to hide behind a mask!

Concoct Your Very Own…

Base: You can always purchase face or body paint in the color of your choice, but sometimes these Halloween makeup bases can be rough on sensitive skins and tricky to apply due to a less-than-smooth consistency. You can always make your own with what you’ve got. For example, if you’re looking for the pale-faced vampire look, then choose a liquid foundation several shades lighter than your skin tone. To add a ghostly hue, mix in a blue/gray-toned eyeshadow. Then, finish the look off with a light dusting of baby powder. Voila! The undead…reborn!

Fake Blood: Nothing’s more fun than adding a splash of gore to your look. To make your own blood, you’ll need corn syrup, water, corn starch and red food coloring. Mix 3 parts corn syrup to 1 part water. Add in some red food coloring until you reach the desired blood color. If you want to gross things up, add some chocolate for a browner hue…ewwwww. Then, thicken your blood with corn starch—the stickier it is, the more it will stay put!

The Rules Still Apply

Practice safe makeup. Do an allergy patch test a few days before to make sure you won’t have a nasty rash on Halloween. Just dab a tiny bit on your wrist and wait 24 hours in case of flair up. And put together your look before your big bash so that you can troubleshoot any makeup mishaps. When prepping the skin, always wash, dry and use a toner so that the makeup is less likely to run. And set your makeup with a translucent powder!

Let Your Lashes Do the Work for You

Halloween is the time to try out all those lash looks you’ve been dying to wear, but too nervous to pull off. Here are our suggestions:

Premium Glitter Lashes: This brand new lash set features glitter lashes in all different shades of gold, pink, silver, purple, red, blue and green. Go long, rich and sparkly this Halloween!

Rainbow Lashes: If you’re not ready for the glitter, then opt for our Rainbow Lashes. Mix and match with 8 colors in 12 strip trays.

Vibrant Singles: If you want to play up your own lashes with a pop of color to tantalize, then check out our Vibrant Singles in shades of red, purple, pink, sky blue and electric blue. No matter what costume you wear, it’s always a good idea to add some color and bring out the razzle dazzle in your eyes.

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